Child and Family Services of Buffalo — What’s in a logo?

Does your logo say clearly what you want? Child and Family Services of Buffalo’s logo is representative of a whole family, which is who they serve. Buffalo Design and Printing recently designed the Child and Family Services’ end-of-year appeal, creatively incorporating their logo on the front of the trifold brochure, showing a family surrounded by supporters. One of the faces

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Stainless Steel Brakes Corp is back!

Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation (SSBC) made a strong statement at the SEMA Trade Show. They wanted everyone to know they were back! This was an enormous show with huge potential impact that would affect their future.  They trusted and depended on Buffalo Design and Printing to design and print their 48 page catalog, pocket folder, stationery and business cards for

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Designing Infographics for Jericho Road’s End-of-Year Appeal Letter

Jericho Road Community Health Center came to us recently to design a letter and create infographics for their end-of-year appeal letter. They trust us to design material that represents them well, yet isn’t exorbitantly priced. They know the importance of infographics and that they are great ways to convey information in an easy-to-understand format. The challenge was to show a representation

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Show Your Buffalo Pride This Holiday Season by Ordering Custom Cards Locally

The holidays are an important time for companies to connect with their customers. This year, it’s all about Buffalo Pride — enjoying staycations, wearing Buffalo gear, exploring our great city and “talkin’ proud.” Now you can get custom-designed holiday cards and support a local business as well, rather than ordering generic cards online.  Let Buffalo Design & Printing come up

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DENT Neurologic Institute and Buffalo Design & Printing both love to help people

DENT’s entire team, from customer service to patient providers, is focused on the central mission to deliver superior clinical care, advanced neurodiagnostics, clinical research and education that will assist their patients in maximizing their quality of life. DENT Neurologic Institute strives to exceed the expectations of their patients, clinical partnerships and community partners. With their core values of Service Excellence,

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