Jericho Road: One of many repeat Buffalo Design & Printing customers

Jericho Road keeps coming back for more and we are so glad they do. They are an amazing organization, and we are humbled to be able to do their design and printing in order to support them and help them grow.

Buffalo Design & Printing recently created a new general brochure for Jericho Road (above). With gorgeous photography and eye-catching colors and shapes, we organized their information to clearly delineate to readers the three areas of Jericho Road: Medical Care, Community Programs and Global Work.


We also designed and printed additional standard size tri-folds (shown above and below) with coordinating colors and design which provide more information on their global work in Africa, as well as one for their Vive program, which provides legal services and temporary housing for asylum seekers. Jericho Road plans to have us create a few more of these tri-folds as well as their annual report in the near future and we look forward to continuing our great working relationship with them. In addition to the work shown here, Buffalo Design & Printing also does their newsletters and electronic PDFs for viewing on their website.JRVIVEtrifold

For more information and to support Jericho Road, visit jrchc.org.

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