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At Buffalo Design & Printing, we pride ourselves on delivering quality work. We want you to look good on paper. We also understand that all the details need to be perfect and your deadlines are sensitive. That is why we’re introducing 716Easy.com, our online ordering site. 716Easy.com offers your business its own website where you can order all of your printed material. Once set-up, you can customize and order with a few clicks of a button. And all orders receive our personal touch.


We’re Local

Which means you can have printed proofs without delaying your project due date. Proofs are always free and help eliminate color and clarity errors, giving you peace of mind that all the details are correct. This will make you look great on paper and you will still receive your order on time.


Easy Ordering & Control

User profiles in our software allows anyone to fill out an order, but only one person can authorize the order to us. For example: A Regional Office Manager fills out their online order requests. Then, an automatic email is sent to whomever is authorized. The authorized person, with a few easy clicks, verifies the order for us to print. So your brand and budget remain in your control.


Secure Information & Save Files

Your website with your files is set up at no cost. All your files are in one safe, secure place, backed up and available 24/7/365. Your data is stored, so reorders are only a few clicks. Your brochures, business cards, and marketing pieces can be personalized by location or salesperson.


Quality Checks

Online automation on its own cannot check all the quality points, which can result in uneven color, poor photo quality, or uneven cuts and folds. 716EASY.com is unique in that our online ordering system is enhanced with our personal touch. We have built in human checks and balances where automation is lacking.


Meet Chris

One of your Customer Service Reps who checks your order quality.

We will check your order details for color, paper type, size, finishing options, and delivery. If any questions or concerns arise with your order, we will give you a call before the job is run. This helps to make sure your prints are done right the first time, on time.



Meet Lauren

One of your Prepress & Graphic Design Specialist who checks your file specifications.

Our prepress and design software is enhanced with our personal touch. We prepare your files for print by checking resolution, size, bleeds, and margins. If something won’t reproduce well, we will let you know what options are available to correct it. This helps to make sure your prints move through production smoothly and on time.


Meet Pattie

One of your Press Operators who checks your print quality.

We will check the print quality including color, size, position, clarity, and other details. If anything looks questionable we stop the press and make adjustments. This helps to make sure your prints look good the first time, on time.



Meet Lisa

One of your Experienced Customer Service Reps who checks bindery & ensures on time delivery.

We will check for straight cuts, tight folds, and secure binding. If anything is off at any time in production, we stop and adjust the machines’ settings. This helps to make sure you look great on paper.



Meet Joe

The owner with over 40 years of hands on experience in the print industry.

Joe Farage, the owner, values your trust in him to help improve your business operation. He thinks it’s so important that he is the one to meet with you to set-up your online ordering website. You benefit from over 40 years of experience when you meet with Joe and may discover some leaner process improvements as a result. Once set up, Joe’s friendly and professional staff will make you feel welcome, handle your projects with care, and respect your deadlines.


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