Buffalo Design & Printing Name Change

My, how we have changed… It all started back in 1933 when the family-owned business, Buffalo Printing Company, was formed. Enter Mr. Copy, the first quick printing business in Buffalo, founded in 1962 by the father of the current owner, Joe Farage. Mr. Copy was the first company in Buffalo to offer color copies, self serve copies, large print books,

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Can’t find your company’s print files? Learn from Blue Ribbon Corporation

Blue Ribbon Corporation, an international direct distributor of gauges and thermometers, did not have access to an old print file from a previous designer and printer. Scans and color copies did not represent them properly, and the printed brochure was 25.5 inches long. They had 1 printed large trifold left and needed more immediately — along with reprints of their catalogs —

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HIDProjectors.com Packaging by Buffalo Design and Printing

HID Projectors, a growing headlight manufacturer in Orchard Park, NY, needed a professional and safe container in which to ship their headlights — well protected — across the world. Enter Buffalo Design and Printing who worked with their engineers to craft inserts for shipping boxes. The design was tested by literally throwing the box with headlights installed down the stairs. After only

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