Buffalo Design & Printing Name Change

My, how we have changed…

It all started back in 1933 when the family-owned business, Buffalo Printing Company, was formed.

Enter Mr. Copy, the first quick printing business in Buffalo, founded in 1962 by the father of the current owner, Joe Farage. Mr. Copy was the first company in Buffalo to offer color copies, self serve copies, large print books, and became the model for 8 other quick print businesses in Buffalo.


In 1983, Joe’s father bought the 50 year old family business named Buffalo Printing Company and changed Mr. Copy’s name. Calling it Buffalo Printing Co. better encompassed what they did, in terms of more complicated printing and packaging. Joe started working for his Dad over 40 years ago and literally worked his way up in the family business. When Joe’s Dad retired in 2005, Joe took on the family business and has continued to grow it into what it is today.


Over the 80+ years that Buffalo Printing Co. has evolved, the company has looked beyond printing to fulfill its customers’ needs in other areas. Buffalo Printing Co. consistently embraced the growing needs of its clients by anticipating and responding to the ever changing world of marketing needs.

Back in the day, a tri-fold brochure touting product features was content at its best. Then along came websites, social media, digital technology and mobile devices, allowing us to move far beyond just printing, and into the worlds of app design, graphic design and marketing.

Now, in 2016, we have rebranded into Buffalo Design & Printing, since we are so much more than just ink on paper. We now have experienced, professional graphic designers, plus social media and marketing experts with the know-how to take your company’s image to the next level.


We still pride ourselves on printing, but when engaging, high-quality graphic design meets printing technology, it raises your company’s campaigns to a whole new level. And when stand-out design works with the latest technology to support your organization’s marketing needs, you know you’re working with the right company: Buffalo Design and Printing.

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