Buffalo Urban League – When Other Printers Can’t Do, We Do

Buffalo Urban League Invite for 90th Anniversary

The Buffalo Urban League works to strengthen communities by empowering individuals and supporting families. They offer homeowner workshops, career counseling, and family support services. Buffalo Urban League has been working in the community for 90 years, an impressive milestone for any organization.

And, of course, there will be a party to match. They came to Buffalo Design & Printing for invitation printing when other printers couldn’t get the job done soon enough for the 90th Anniversary Gala in November. The complex job involved oversized printing, foiling, coating, a special die cut, and hand folding. Once the job was printed the mailing prep work began. Envelopes were printed with names and addresses, then hand stuffed and sealed.

For all the work they have been doing in the community over the past 90 years we were glad to get the job done for them.


Learn more about their work here

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