CCS Healthcare is maximizing the use of their logo. Are you?

The use the CSS Healthcare logo speaks volumes in the way Buffalo Design and Printing incorporated it in the design of their new trifold brochure. Buffalo Design and Printing used the CCS logo as a graphic element to reinforce their name to readers. Enlarging and reversing their symbol with a dropshadow adds depth and dimension to the brochure, while the radiating shapes allude to the all-encompassing care that CCS provides to its members in the area.

CCS Healthcare is one of the largest Healthcare Providers providing multi-specialty care to the people of Western New York. They believe in providing the highest standard of quality and excellent healthcare to each and every one of their patients. Whether you’re trying to find a primary care physician or are in need of specialized care, such as clinical pulmonology, obstetrics and gynecology doctors or neurology specialists, the CCS Healthcare team can help find the individualized care you need from board-certified doctors and surgical experts.

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