DENT Neurologic Institute and Buffalo Design & Printing both love to help people

DENT’s entire team, from customer service to patient providers, is focused on the central mission to deliver superior clinical care, advanced neurodiagnostics, clinical research and education that will assist their patients in maximizing their quality of life. DENT Neurologic Institute strives to exceed the expectations of their patients, clinical partnerships and community partners.

With their core values of Service Excellence, Teamwork, Compassion, Commitment, and Integrity, DENT’s highly-respected team of professionals offer comprehensive care in all neurology sub-specialties. They strive to be the first choice for the physicians and patients for general neurology, neurology subspecialty care and advanced neuro-diagnostics. Visit for more information.

DENT has chosen Buffalo Design & Printing to handle many of its marketing needs over the past few years. We have designed and printed postcards, brochures, building signs, flyers, business cards, brochures, posters, pocketfolders, referral pads, notepads, gift tags and much more. We, here at Buffalo Design & Printing, are proud to take care of so many of their needs, which allows us to be philanthropic, one of our core beliefs.

As examples of our most recent projects, you can see DENT’s new privacy practices brochure (above) and their new pocketfolder here:

\"dentfolderfinalflat\"Thank you, DENT Neurologic Institute, for the valuable services you contribute to the community and for choosing Buffalo Design & Printing for so many of your marketing needs!

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