12 New Patterns

Our latest stationery catalog includes 12 new patterns, available in 4 different color pallets: multicolor, blue, pink, and red and green. Each pattern is inspired by the things we see every day in our print shop. 


Inspired by stacked rolls of wrapping paper​

Corrugate Boxes​

Inspired by stack of flat corrugated boxes ​

Perf Corrugate

Inspired by perforated corrugated cardboard


Inspired by #10 business envelope ​


Inspired by fanned out color swatch book ​


Inspired by a guillotine cutter ​


Inspired by punched paper waste ​


Inspired by paper waste  ​

Rubber Bands

Inspired by a pile of rubber bands​


Inspired by inkjet printer belts & rollers ​


Inspired by corrugated cardboard box  ​


Inspired by booklets on a cart ​

Each pattern is available on the following stationery products:

  • Stationery Gift Set
  • Bullet Journals
  • Fridge Pads
  • Mini Magnetic Notepads
  • Notecards
  • Notepads
  • Decks of Playing Cards
  • Wrapping Paper/Table Covers

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