Happy to Help Meals on Wheels of WNY

Buffalo Design and Printing is a company that prides itself on being philanthropic whenever possible. Here is one example: Many customers come into our building looking for just a few color copies or a small print order. Rather than writing up an invoice, we invite them to instead make a donation into a Meals on Wheels of WNY coin jug on our counter.  This complements everyone involved: Buffalo Design & Printing is able to offer small free services, and our generous customers get a chance to donate to a very worthy cause. Spare change and bills all add up to more meals for local seniors in need!

Find out more about Meals on Wheels of WNY at www.mealsonwheelswny.org and like them on Facebook!

Pictured from left to right above:  Tara Ellis, CEO, Joe Farage, Owner of Buffalo Design & Printing, and Lisa Woodring, also of Meals on Wheels of WNY

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