1. Send us your files We prefer PDFs to size with a .25 in. margin and .125 in. bleed if required by your design. If you’re not sure or don’t know, let us help you! Contact us and send what you do have.
  2. We print and send samples We send some samples to you, and keep some for us. The samples we keep on-hand are used to match quality from order to order. This is how we guarantee consistent quality.
  3. Files are saved When you’re happy with your samples, we save your files in their own folder on our server. When it’s time to order, there is no need to resend files. Only send new designs and any updated designs.
  4. Place Your Orders Email us with the details of your order. Include which designs and how many of each. If your order is shipping right to the buyer, include any fulfillment details on sleeves, bundling, barcodes stickers etc.
  5. Production begins usually within a few days. We also send you photos of your order during production so you can stay updated on its progress.
  6. Shipping We will let you know when the order is nearly complete and we’ll send you shipping information so you can supply us with distributor paperwork like BOL, carton labels, etc.