Pole banners help mark 100 years of ministry

Congratulations, First Shiloh Baptist Church, on 100 years of ministry in downtown Buffalo!

Buffalo Design and Printing is proud to have designed, printed and installed their pole banners, helping to mark their centennial anniversary. Thank you, First Shiloh, for trusting us to take care of this for you. It is an honor!

From their website:

Welcome to the \’First Shiloh Experience.\’ We are a warm, loving and compassionate church. Ours is a Christ-centered fellowship, intentionally spirited and full of vitality. We pray that our worship experience, with a combination of good music and powerful preaching, is intellectually challenging, spiritually fulfilling and emotionally satisfying. We offer ministries for people of all ages.\”

\”The Vision of this church is to grow strong and healthy disciples of Jesus Christ that understand their divine gifting.  Our vision is to see disciples deftly using their gifts and skills to impact the life of the body, in Buffalo, and the world in transformational, redemptive, and revolutionary ways.

To find out more about First Shiloh, go to:  http://www.firstshilohbuffalo.com

To find out more about the services we provide, go to: https://buffalodesignandprinting.com/services/

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