Can’t find your company’s print files? Learn from Blue Ribbon Corporation

Blue Ribbon Corporation, an international direct distributor of gauges and thermometers, did not have access to an old print file from a previous designer and printer. Scans and color copies did not represent them properly, and the printed brochure was 25.5 inches long. They had 1 printed large trifold left and needed more immediately — along with reprints of their catalogs — and didn’t have time for a redesign.

Enter Buffalo Design and Printing. Due to our working knowledge and experience with technology, you can’t tell which piece didn’t have original print files. Blue Ribbon Corporation was able to have their Water and Waste Water catalogs and brochures printed quickly to continue their marketing efforts without delay.

Blue Ribbon Corporation has the knowledge and expertise to help you with the best product at the best price for your unique application, while maintaining an unsurpassed level of service.

Buffalo Design and Printing has the knowledge and expertise to keep you focused on your core business without distraction from marketing details. All your files are stored — no risk, safe and secure — on our Cloud.

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