paper marketing

Are you happy with your Marketing Plan? Albert Einstein said, “If you want different results, do not do the same things.” Buffalo Design And Printing delivers dramatic results to remain in sight and in mind with your current customers and prospects. Paper has become a novelty, so we handpicked some paper products to capitalize on this. The result is an everlasting impression with tangible products that will go viral in the office.

Repetition is essential in marketing, so you can use them monthly or for a specific short-term campaign to announce a new product or service. And because each paper item is reusable, the paper product itself delivers multiple touches.

Combine this with your current Digital Marketing Plan to get exponential results.

Location, location, location – The real estate on a person’s desk is valuable. If you can occupy some of that space, you will stay in sight and in mind. These paper products will deliver lasting impressions both emotionally and physically daily.

Coasters – every time the drink is picked up and replaced, that’s an impression!

Pads – everyone has at least 1 on their desk

Journals – with company branding or personalization

Post-its – this is 1 of the best sellers in stationery stores, get some with your branding

Mouse Pad – how many times do you touch your mouse?

Decks of cards – awesome for residential customers or the lunchroom at work

Puzzles – the novelty of a quick puzzle beats a computer game every time

Thank You Cards – or any card here

Desk Pads – with a calendar, lined or even blank is an office tool used daily

Business Cards – not the cheap ones, memorable ones like our soft touch, raised UV, round, money or “Round Tuit” cards

Magnets and Stickers – it surprises me all the time just how popular these are

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