Wrapping Paper

Our wholesale wrapping paper is an on-demand process. None of your cash is tied up in inventory and you don’t have to store any inventory. You only pay for what you sell when you sell it. 

The Process 

Step 1: Send us a packing slip when you receive orders. 
Step 2: We print your design, with your branding, on 5’, 7′, or 10’ long x 30” wide sheets and roll each individually. 
Step 3: Once rolled, your prints are inserted into a plastic sleeve.
Step 4: Your rolls will be placed neatly in a double-wall corrugated box, labeled with your brand label, and your packing slip will be applied to the box. 
Step 5: Your order will be shipped directly to your customer! 


The wholesale cost of a 30” x 5’ roll is $3.75/roll. A 30’’ x 10’ roll is $5.00/roll ALL IN. Double-wall corrugated boxes for safe shipping, packing, and paperwork are all included. The only additional thing you pay for is shipping. 

There is no MOQ per design, but a minimum order of six rolls works best because that’s our smallest shipping box offered. We also have 12″, 24″, and 30″ roll double-wall corrugated boxes that we keep in stock, custom-made for your On-Demand needs. You save on shipping because we used reinforced tape to join boxes together so they ship as 1 box. Pallet shipping for larger orders of 400 or more is also available.

ALL IN costing includes printing with your branding, rolling, sleeving, boxing in a double-wall corrugated box, shipping label, printing, and including your packing slip, paperwork, and final quality check. 

Length Cost Per
30” x 60” (5’) $3.75/roll
30" x 84" (7') $4.40/roll
30” x 120” (10’) $5.00/roll
30” x 400' $372/ream, MOQ 2

* Shipping costs are additional, and we can ship on your account or ours.

We ship in three business days or less, and we will call to inform you of any production delays. Throughout the months of July – November, production may take 5-12 business days. 

We charge your credit card depending on the volume of orders weekly or monthly. 

Why On Demand Makes Cents

You could buy printed sheets, tie up your cash in inventory, pay for shipping from the printer to you, spend your time rolling and packaging, and then shipping again to your customers. Besides your time, the double shipping cost makes that process very expensive. Your actual total cost to use sheets is far more than  $3.75 or $5.00/roll.

Our On-Demand process keeps your cash available to you without any inventory. 

Wrapping Paper Design Specs

The 10’ wrapping paper finished size is 30″ wide x 120″ long, plus 1/8″ bleed all the way around, so the file dimensions are 30.25” x 120.25”.

The 5” wrapping paper finished size is 30″ wide x 60″ long, plus 1/8″ bleed all the way around, so the file dimensions are 30.25” x 60.25”. 

You have no ink coverage limits.

Your branding is printed on each roll and is either a 3” x 3” square or a 30” x 1” color bar at the short end of the roll. It must include your logo, size, and SKU#, but may also include other elements such as website, and “100% Made in the USA”. 


We are happy to provide you with free samples of a few of your designs, all you pay for is shipping.

Need help or have more questions?


All wrapping paper is printed in full color on uncoated 20# white rolls. Customers love the thickness because it folds easy.

Experience shows that you have two options to hide show through. 1: use a very busy design on a white background so your eye is drawn to the design and is tricked not to see through it. 2: add a 30% color background.

We are happy to provide printed samples of your designs before printing your orders.

No, once you approve your printed samples, we save your files on our secure database for easy reorders.