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Pencil Sketch Paper

Mother-daughter team Courtney and Barbara began Pencil Sketch Paper just this year. A new start-up that sells Buffalo-themed wrapping paper. The wrapping paper currently comes in 3 versions with many iconic landmarks on them. All drawn by Barbara.

Museum District
Featuring the Richardson Complex, Hoyt Lake & Marcy Casino, the Buffalo History Museum, and the Albright-Knox.

North Buffalo
Featuring Hertel Ave., the North Park Theater, the Italian Festival, the Buffalo Zoo, the Darwin Martin House, and Delaware Park.

Buffalo Stampede
An all buffalo paper

Courtney first came into Buffalo Design & Printing with only an idea and her mother’s drawings. We scanned each set of drawings and began to lay out a pattern for the paper. Proof after proof, we went back and forth placing each set of images. Finally, we got the layout perfect and sent the wrapping paper to print. All the time that went into making the wrapping paper has paid off. Pencil Sketch Paper has been a vendor at Shea’s Annual Soiree, Christmas in the Country, and 716 Day at Buffalo Riverworks. The wrapping paper can be purchased at several boutiques and small shops, as well as online at

We hope Courtney and Barbara see continued success in their new business!

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