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CCS Healthcare is maximizing the use of their logo. Are you?

The use the CSS Healthcare logo speaks volumes in the way Buffalo Design and Printing incorporated it in the design of their new trifold brochure. Buffalo Design and Printing used the CCS logo as a graphic element to reinforce their name to readers. Enlarging and reversing their symbol with a dropshadow adds depth and dimension to the brochure, while the radiating shapes allude to the all-encompassing

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Child and Family Services of Buffalo — What’s in a logo?

Does your logo say clearly what you want? Child and Family Services of Buffalo’s logo is representative of a whole family, which is who they serve. Buffalo Design and Printing recently designed the Child and Family Services’ end-of-year appeal, creatively incorporating their logo on the front of the trifold brochure, showing a family surrounded by supporters. One of the faces

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